About Us
When we decided to create SpinCity Cleaners, we knew we wanted to
break the mold of traditional laundromats. A dirty, cramped, poorly lit
laundry with machines that didn't work was not our idea of a place to do
your cleaning.
SpinCity Cleaners is a modern, spotless clean 5000 sq facility featuring the
latest in state of art cleaning equipments where you can do your laundry
yourself , drop it off for us to do for you or have us pickup and deliver it at your
Our business is family owned and operated and we are committed to excellence in quality and customer service.  We
value each customer as an individual asset to our future.

Most of the work is done on the premesis, including tailoring. If you're an existing customer, we'd like to thank you for
your patronage. If you're new to the area or simply searching for a new dry cleaner, we welcome you to try our
services. And remember, your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

The SpinCity Cleaners work hard to do a best job possible for you, and you will be pleased with the results. We
exercise utmost care in processing articles entrusted to us and use processes, which in our opinion, are best suited
to the nature and condition of your clothing, BUT ...

1.  You are responsible for what you put into your laundry bag. Please tell us if there are items in your
laundry that you want to account for on the invoice; otherwise, we accept your bulk laundry
"as is" and you agree to accept it from The SpinCity "as is."

2.  We cannot guarantee against color loss and shrinkage or against damage to weak and tender
fabrics; nor can we guarantee against color bleed-over from new clothes or clothes with poorly set

3.  We can not be responsible for normal wear and tear, severe soiling that requires special treatment,
or "lost socks" and similar mismatches.

4.  We do our best to find and remove items from pockets, but we can not be responsible for items that
you leave in your pockets or put into your laundry bag which damage clothes or become damaged
themselves. Items such as pens, lipstick, crayons, oil, and many others can cause extensive damage
to clothes in washers and dryers.

5.  We can't be held responsible if your clothing is damaged by items you put in your laundry bag that
were used with harsh cleaning products and should be processed separately (dishcloths and
cleaning towels, for example), unless you include written instructions with your laundry order and
isolate the items from the rest of your laundry (in a plastic bag, for example).

6.   We will treat stains that we see if we think our stain treatments will be effective. It is almost
impossible to remove some stains (ink and severe grass stains are examples).
Unless the customer agrees to added charges, we do not pre-soak or rewash clothes containing
difficult stains.

7.   We do our best to identify and remove dryclean-only items, but we can not be responsible for
damage to dryclean-only clothes that you put into your laundry bag and we don't identify and

We have very few problems, but if you experience one, please call
Peter at 212-529-8886/8887  or send an e-mail
to admin@spincitycleaners.com, so we can take care of it.